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January 12, 2024

Today, CNN 10 looks at the fallout that continues for the airline industry after a panel blew out during a flight, leaving a hole on the side of a Boeing 737 aircraft. Then, we travel to Taiwan, where presidential elections are underway that could have implications around the world. And, we look at how record-setting temperatures in 2023 may be pushing the world toward a critical climate threshold. All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.


1. What’s the name of the world’s largest iceberg that drifted away from the Antarctic Peninsula?

2. Which classic video game was recently beaten for the first time ever by a human player?

3. Congressional leaders announced a government spending deal for this year as it looks to avoid what looming threat that could occur later this month?

4. In Hong Kong, researchers are developing “intelligent” fabrics that use Artificial Intelligence to do what?

5. Which US official was back in the Middle East this week for critical talks with Israel?

6. Which two planets now actually look quite similar in color based on a new study?

7. Which country has an “ice city” attracting thousands of people to visit for an annual ice and snow festival?

8. Which social media company announced new settings for teen users?

9. Which country is holding crucial presidential elections this weekend?

10. According to the latest data, global warming hit this number of degrees (in Celsius) in 2023?


– Which school won the college football national championship game?

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