Reno firefighters came to the rescue of a bear that got stuck in a tree

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A team of firefighters and wildlife officials in Nevada accomplished a “bear-y” important rescue mission Wednesday.

A bear was “spooked up a tree in front of a home” Wednesday morning in Reno, according to a Facebook post from the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

“Between the busy roads, people, and all the attractants that can cause a bear to lose its natural fear of humans, a neighborhood is not a safe place for a bear!” wrote the department.

The department’s game wardens and biologists helped remove the bear from the tree, the Facebook post says. They teamed up with firefighters from the Reno Fire Department to tranquilize the bear and safely catch it in a tarp.

Photos posted by both agencies show officials in a suburban neighborhood patiently waiting at the base of a tree with a red tarp. The images show the bear clinging to branches before falling seemingly head-first onto the tarp.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife said officials would release the bear in its natural habitat Thursday. The agency didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry by CNN about the animal’s release.

Black bears are the only species of bear that live in Nevada, according to the department’s website. The agency advises Nevadans to use bear-resistant garbage containers to avoid attracting animals and critters, lock windows and doors and keep food out of vehicles.


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