Lizzo’s mom presented her the People’s Choice Award

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If anyone knows Lizzo was born to be a star, it’s the person who presented her with the People’s Champion Award on Tuesday.

The Grammy-winning singer’s mother, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, said her daughter “has shown us all that we don’t have to conform to anyone’s standards in order to be happy.”

“I know that Lizzo has literally saved lives,” she said. “No one is more deserving of this honor. I am so proud of her.”

Lizzo honored her mom, as well as 17 activists she chose to spotlight.

“To be an icon isn’t about how long you’ve had your platform,” Lizzo said. “Being an icon is what you do with that platform. Ever since the beginning of my career I’ve used my platform to amplify marginalized voices.”

The singer was selected for the honor based on her “groundbreaking contributions to music and television, as well as her commitment to championing overall diversity and inclusivity across race, gender, sexuality, and size,” according to a press release.


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