Kevin McCarthy ousted as Speaker of the House after Matt Gaetz pushes vote

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy said he did not mean to offend Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett when he called him and referenced a remark Burchett made about praying.

Burchett was one of the eight GOP lawmakers who voted to remove McCarthy from the speakership on Tuesday. He said he was going to vote “yes” on the motion to vacate because McCarthy was condescending about his statement that he was praying about what to do on this issue. 

“When I make a statement that I’m praying about it, I am praying about it, and when I get a call from the speaker and he belittles that, to me, that shows another reason why we need a change in leadership,” Burchett told reporters on the way to the House floor Tuesday.

McCarthy said was surprised and called Burchett a friend at a news conference.

“I personally like Tim Burchett,” McCarthy said.

“I simply read his quote back. I thought there was still an opening and I wanted the talk to him about it. He never mentioned anything when we were communicating like that,” he said, adding that he, too, is a Christian.


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