Kelly Clarkson got Steve Martin to perform on her new album

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Kelly Clarkson’s new album, “Chemistry,” has a song featuring Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin.

On her song “i hate love,” Clarkson sings: “And ‘The Notebook’ lied/’It’s Complicated’ is more like what happens/So you can keep Gosling and I’ll take Steve Martin.”

Clarkson told The Hollywood Reporter she loves both movies, the latter in which writer, comedian, actor and banjo playing Martin appeared.

“I thought it was funny, I did the whole Steve Martin reference and then I asked him to play on it and he said yes, which I thought was incredible,” she said of Martin playing the banjo. “I still can’t believe he said yes, but he can’t take it back. It’s on there.”

She says she reached out to her team to ask for Martin’s contact and reached his publicist.

“I was like, ‘Do you mind sending this to him? Totally cool, if not.’ I did all the disclaimers and actually it wasn’t a long response and he got back,” Clarkson recalled.

She wasn’t able to meet him in person, though, due to scheduling conflicts.

“I was so frustrated because I got a lot of jobs and I was doing the talk show at the time and I think ‘The Voice’ as well, but I wasn’t able to go whenever he recorded his part,” she explained. “Only my producer was, so Jesse [Shatkin] was texting me, ‘I can’t believe this is my life.’ And he was so excited and I was like, “I’m so happy for you.’ I really wanted to be there because I’ve never met him and I’m a huge fan. So anyway, he’s cool and I’ll do anything for Steve Martin at this point.”

Clarkson’s new album drops June 23.

See her sing a live version of “i hate love” here.


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