Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, death toll rises, humanitarian crisis

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The New Zealand government designated all of Hamas as a “terrorist entity” on Thursday, broadening its policy on the Islamist group.

The country now considers Hamas’ political wing a “terrorist entity”. It designated the military wing of Hamas a “terrorist entity” in 2010.

“What happened on 7 October reinforces we can no longer distinguish between the military and political wings of Hamas,” New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Winston Peters said.

He said that the “organisation as a whole bears responsibility for these horrific terrorist attacks.”

The move means that any assets of Hamas in New Zealand will be frozen, and any financial or property transactions or material support to Hamas is now a criminal offense in the country.

Calls to end violence: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Christopher Luxon clarified that “this designation targets Hamas, not the provision of private humanitarian support to Palestinian civilians.”

It will also not hinder New Zealand’s efforts to provide humanitarian and development assistance to the civilians in Gaza, Luxon said.

Consular support to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents in the conflict zone will also not be affected.

Peters said that Wellington remains “gravely concerned” about the impact of the conflict on civilians in Gaza and called “for an end to the violence and an urgent resumption of the Middle East Peace Process.”

“A lasting solution to the conflict will only be achieved by peaceful means,” Peters said.


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