Israel-Hamas war, Houthi strikes, Gaza crisis

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A spokesperson for the Houthi rebels says the Iran-backed militant group will offer a robust reply to a second, albeit much smaller, series of US airstrikes in Yemen overnight.

Spokesperson Nasruldeen Amer told Al Jazeera Arabic there were no injuries or “material damages” caused by the latest US action, but that there would be a “firm, strong and effective response.”

The US targeted a radar facility used by the Houthis in the early hours of Saturday local time, according to a US official.  A joint US-UK operation 24 hours earlier struck almost 30 separate locations, in an effort to disrupt the Houthis’ ability to fire on international shipping lanes in the Red Sea. 

Five Houthi fighters were killed in the first wave of strikes and six more were wounded, a statement from the group said Friday.  

The attacks, which the Houthis described as a “brutal aggression,” would not dissuade Yemen from its stance of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, the Houthi armed forces said in a statement carried by Houthi-run TV channel Al-Masirah.

CNN’s Oren Liebermann contributed reporting.


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