Israel-Hamas war, hostage negotiations, Gaza humanitarian crisis

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The Israeli military on Wednesday released videos it says show a network of tunnels in the center of Gaza City.

The army said it uncovered the network after securing operational control over Palestine Square, a plaza in the city center. The videos purport to show a series of tunnel shafts and access points leading underground.

In one video, a camera descends a long ladder before proceeding along a narrow, arched hallway to reach a blast door.

In a different video, a camera descends a long spiral staircase into another tunnel. In one clip, a passageway to the tunnel network, hidden behind an electricity box, is identified.

Several of the tunnel shafts appear to have been demolished, which the Israeli military said had been done by Hamas fighters.

In a briefing with journalists, Israeli army spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said the tunnels were a “substantial, elaborate network of interconnected command control positions.”

“What we’re doing today is revealing layer by layer the extent of Hamas’ terror tunnel network. It is the most expensive, expansive construction project ever to exist in the Gaza Strip,” Lerner said.

Within the tunnels, Israeli forces found food, water, electric infrastructure, and communications capabilities, Lerner said.

It is not possible for CNN to immediately verify all the Israeli military’s claims.


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