Eastern US winter storm and severe weather

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There are over 40 million people under a severe storm threat on Tuesday, according to the latest from the Storm Prediction Center. 

An enhanced risk for severe storms, or a level 3 of 5, is in effect from the Florida Panhandle to the Carolinas, including Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Savannah, Charleston and Wilmington. 

The main threats are strong tornadoes, some of which could be EF2 to EF5 and strong wind gusts, some of which could exceed 74 mph. 

A slight risk for severe storms, level 2 of 5, is in effect from central Florida to southern Virginia, including Charlotte, Raleigh and Tampa. 

The main threats are tornadoes and damaging wind gusts. 

A marginal risk for severe storms, level 1 of 5, spreads from southern Florida to central Virginia, including Virginia Beach, Atlanta, Miami, and Norfolk. 

The main threats are isolated tornadoes, wind gusts and large hail. 

Heavy rainfall is associated with the bulk of these storms. Flood watches are currently in effect for cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City, where rainfall of 2 to 4 inches is possible, with isolated totals exceeding 4 inches. 

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