E. Jean Carroll defamation trial against Donald Trump

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Former President Donald Trump’s defamation trial has started. A jury was selected on Tuesday, with lawyers beginning with opening statements.

But in the lead-up to the trial, Trump has tried to delay the proceedings, and in another motion, tried to use his presidential immunity as a defense.

Catch up on what happened here:

First, he claimed presidential immunity: Trump claimed he could use presidential immunity to defend against the defamation allegation brought by Carroll. The Second Circuit ruled that he could not do that because he waited too long to say he wanted to use it, affirming a decision by the trial court judge.

Then he tried to delay the trial: Donald Trump asked the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to delay the trial after he lost an earlier attempt to use presidential immunity. He said he needed additional time to consider his options, including potentially seeking review by the US Supreme Court. However, a three-member panel of judges denied Trump’s motion in a brief court order without elaborating.

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