Biden to convene his Cabinet early next week as government shutdown looms

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President Joe Biden is expected to convene his Cabinet early next week to discuss continuity of government after a potential shutdown begins Sunday, four administration officials familiar with the plans told CNN.

The meeting will be in person at the White House, one of the sources said.

Biden will stay in Washington, DC, over the weekend and keep in close touch with his legislative affairs team, getting updates on any shutdown negotiations on Capitol Hill. He has no public events on his schedule Saturday, in the final hours before the government runs out of money, or Sunday.

The White House is beginning regular communication with agencies and its own staff about what to expect in case of a funding lapse, and agencies have begun their own contingency planning.

Additional officials at two government agencies told CNN that contingency plans are being drafted for a shutdown that could last weeks, though there is not a unified view within the administration on the potential length.

The outlook, described by one official, is “hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”

The likely possibility of a shutdown is already affecting planning, including possible travel next week, for Cabinet members and other top officials.

In communications to staff about shutdown procedures, the White House acknowledged the “uncertainty” as Congress has so far failed to reach an agreement on government funding.

“We understand uncertainty can be unsettling. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and patience through this process, and for all that you do for the Executive Office of the President and the American people,” an email sent to White House staff and obtained by CNN said.


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