Australia vs England, Women’s World Cup 2023 semifinal

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England fans Izzy Ellis (left) and Rosemary Warren-Gordon (right) ahead of the semifinal. Hilary Whiteman/CNN

The world will be watching as England takes on Australia for a place in the Women’s World Cup final today.

Rosemary Warren-Gordon, a 21-year-old England supporter from Manchester, just nabbed a ticket to the game less than four hours before kickoff.

Fellow supporters pulled a few strings on her behalf to secure one of the hottest tickets in town.  

“I knew we were going to make it far,” she told CNN. “I didn’t want to buy a ticket in advance, but the future me definitely would.”

Sarah Kain (center) with friends Jackie Kane (left) and Janine Brennan (right).
Sarah Kain (center) with friends Jackie Kane (left) and Janine Brennan (right). CNN/ Hilary Whiteman

The atmosphere is starting to build in Sydney as fans start dreaming of watching their side reach the pinnacle of the sport.

But, for some, picking a team to support isn’t an easy choice.

Sarah Kain, originally from England, has lived in Australia for seven years and seems to be somewhat conflicted – wearing an England jersey with an Australian hat.

She admits some “inner turmoil,” but adds that she’s “just gunning for both.”

Friends Jackie Kane and Janine Brennan are less torn.

They’re from Scotland so, given the age-old rivalry with England, they are naturally backing Australia.


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