Utah homes slide off cliff, prompting evacuations

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Two empty homes overlooking a canyon slid off their foundations Saturday in Draper, Utah, prompting the evacuations of two adjacent residences, officials said Saturday.

In October, city building officials declared two clifftop homes “unfit for human habitation” due to “earth shifting that resulted in sliding and breaks in the homes’ foundations,” city officials said in a Facebook post.

The city had been following up with the developer for months on engineering studies regarding the stability of the area, officials said.

“With the snow pack melting and creating changes in conditions, other homes in the neighborhood will be evaluated for safety concerns,” said the Facebook post. “At this time, only the two adjacent homes are being evacuated.”

Draper officials closed two public trails following the slide.

“Everyone needs to avoid the area. Do not go to the neighborhood where the homes slid. Only residents allowed,” said city officials. “We are grateful that everyone is safe.”

Draper is about 20 miles south of Salt Lake City.

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