UNLV police respond to shooting on campus

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A local television reporter was interviewing students for a story on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus when a shooter opened fire on Wednesday. 

KSNV reporter Brett Forrest described having to shelter in place inside a building with students and other university faculty when the shooting started.

“We are told that they are coming building by building slowly letting out each building, making sure there are no additional victims or anyone else inside so they might take a while to get to us,” Forrest said. “We do feel safe in here, thankfully. I’m with dozens of students and faculty and staff and they’ve just been checking their phones, messaging loved ones, getting whatever news they could from the internet.” 

Forrest said he remained on campus for several hours, despite authorities indicating there was no longer a threat. Police later said officers engaged with the suspect and that the person was now dead.

Many of the students at the UNLV campus are from Las Vegas and know what the community went through in the aftermath of the 2017 mass shooting in the city, Forrest said.

“It’s a scary, unfortunate situation, and I’m sure a lot of them are worried maybe their classmates or friends are among the victims,” he said. “It’s unfortunate our community has to go through this again.” 

Sumber: www.cnn.com

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