Rudy Giuliani ordered to pay nearly $150 million in damages

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Rudy Giuliani speaks to the press as he leaves the E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. District Courthouse on December 11, in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

During the trial, Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly highlighted how he doesn’t have funds to pay his various debts or to respond to the case, with his attorney Joseph Sibley claiming Freeman and Moss are asking for “the civil equivalent of the death penalty.”

“They’re trying to end Mr. Giuliani,” Sibley said.

Because Giuliani hasn’t responded to many subpoenas in the lawsuit, attorneys for Freeman and Moss said in court they couldn’t find a number.

He was previously fined more than $200,000 for some of Freeman and Moss’ attorneys’ fees, which he hasn’t paid.

Giuliani also owed more than $1 million to defense attorneys who’ve helped him on other matters, prompting them to sue him this year, and hadn’t paid nearly $60,000 for years-old unpaid phone bills. Yet at times he’s had help – including from Trump – to try to fundraise to offset some of his debts, and he was able to take a private plane to his arrest on criminal charges related to 2020 election interference in Georgia this summer.

A spokesman for Giuliani declined to comment on Friday on his current financial state.

A few months ago, Giuliani listed his 3-bedroom Manhattan apartment for sale. It’s still on the market, for $6.1 million, according to public real estate listings.

It’s also not clear if Giuliani would be able to declare bankruptcy to shield himself from any sum of damages in this lawsuit. That issue, according to people familiar with the case, may have to be decided by the courts at a later time, and it’s possible he could still be on the hook for the award to Freeman and Moss, even if he goes into bankruptcy.

In a different high-profile defamation case against far-right personality Alex Jones brought by the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, the courts have had to look at this type of issue. That same issue could arise with Giuliani’s case, the sources said.

Jones filed for bankruptcy after he was ordered to pay $1.5 billion to the shooting victims’ families, but a judge decided this fall he couldn’t use bankruptcy to avoid owing the money.


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