Rainbow Bridge ‘vehicle explosion’ closes US-Canada border crossings

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Debris is scattered about inside the customs plaza at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing in Niagara Falls, New York, on Wednesday. Derek Gee/The Buffalo News/AP

Multiple law enforcement sources said that shortly before noon on Wednesday, a car coming from the Canadian side of the border with the US exploded after it was heading toward a secondary search area.

The car was on the Rainbow Bridge that connects Canada to New York and went through an initial checkpoint where identification documents are examined before the explosion occurred.

Authorities do not know what caused the explosion. The FBI, New York State Police and US Customs and Border Protection are on the scene investigating.

Federal authorities are trying to retrieve video from a number of different angles because the statements from witnesses vary, the sources said. 

Sources said there were no serious injuries except to those who were in the car, reportedly two men. 

Sumber: www.cnn.com

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