Prague mass shooting at Charles University

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Graduate student Jakob Weizman, 25, told CNN he was in a classroom with his professor when they heard what sounded like gunshots and screams — and then the sounds grew louder. 

“My professor tried to lock the door, but it would not work,” Weizman said. Luckily, Weizman managed to finally get the door locked, he said. Moments later, they started pushing classroom furniture up to the door to create a barricade.

“About five minutes after that, someone tried to open the door very violently,” Weizman said. He believes it may have been the shooter, but he does not know for sure.

“After I made the barricade and locked the door, I hid under the desk and I was preparing myself for anything that could happen,” Weizman added. “I did not know if he was going to come through the door or from the window.”

Weizman, who told CNN he lived in the United States for 15 years, never thought he would experience a mass shooting event in Europe.

“You think it will never happen,” he said. “I’m still processing a lot.”

The graduate student said the police eventually arrived, so he broke down the barricade to let them in. Weizman said he could see blood on each floor as police escorted him down.


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