New Hampshire primary election 2024

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The unofficial start of the general election for President Joe Biden’s campaign could commence late Tuesday evening – but that all hinges on what kind of a night Nikki Haley has.

Following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ suspension of his presidential campaign over the weekend, Haley now stands as the last remaining Republican attempting to dethrone Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential campaign.

The Biden campaign is keenly aware that a strong showing for the former South Carolina governor Tuesday night could delay the informal start of the Biden-Trump match-up, which plenty of Biden campaign officials and allies are eager to kick off sooner rather than later.

The Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee have been closely tracking the former South Carolina governor’s performance in the GOP race, following her ups and downs since she jumped into the contest almost a year ago to challenge her former boss.

As the Republican field began to narrow – and, in particular, as DeSantis’ political star seemed to fall in recent months – some Democrats close to the Biden campaign increasingly speculated that Haley appeared to be the sole candidate with anything resembling a realistic shot at defeating Trump.

Now, with only the former president and Haley competing in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, some Democrats are hoping Trump sews up the GOP presidential nomination sooner rather than later so the Biden campaign can fully turn its attention to the former president.

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