Maui wildfires death toll rises, Lahaina 80% destroyed

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More than 300 people, many of them tourists, that were flown out of Maui to escape the fires, have so far been connected to resources at a shelter in Honolulu.

The Honolulu Convention Center is currently operating as a support location for people evacuated from Maui, according to a Red Cross official who spoke with CNN Friday. 

John Miller, who handles shelter operations in Oahu and is currently leading the Red Cross efforts at the Honolulu Convention Center, said approximately four of the 320 people that have gone through the center were Maui residents.  

“When they get off the bus here and come up to the ballroom, it’s the assistance center. We sign them in and most of them are just trying to get reservations to either a hotel space or a plane back home,” Miller said of the majority-tourist crowd arriving at the center.

The convention center is providing evacuees with three meals a day and resources are available to help people find hotel and flight reservations. Representatives from Hawaiian Airlines and the Hawaii Tourism Authority are also on site. 

Miller said the convention center will be open through Sunday and that they’re prepared to handle any influx of evacuees that may happen between now and Sunday. 

As far as operations on Maui, Miller said the Red Cross is bringing approximately 100 staffers from the mainland to join shelter operations there. 

As of Friday afternoon, there were approximately 60 people still in the convention center. 

CNN witnessed a handful of families departing the convention center, many with small children and strollers in tow.  


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