Live Updates: Belgrade, Serbia school shooting

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The father of one of the students at a Belgrade school where a deadly shooting took place early Wednesday said he ran to look for his daughter after seeing police at the scene.

“I was heading to the bank, and I saw a bunch of police. That was around 8:50. I came running. I saw the school psychologist, I saw the school staff, the teachers who were in shock,” the father told N1.

A student allegedly opened fire at the Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School in central Belgrade, where nine people were killed and several others injured.

“The police came quickly, from what I could see. I asked: ‘Where’s my kid?’ And allegedly, one man said that the history teacher was shot. I went back to my apartment to look at my child’s schedule, and she was actually in history class. I took my wife with me and we went back out on the street,” he said. 

“I saw that the security guard was lying under a table, in a circle [of blood?] I went through the door looking for an attendant. I didn’t know what to do. I asked ‘Where’s my kid?’ and no one was saying anything,” he added.

The father said he learned that his daughter had gone to Tsvetni Trg, a location in Belgrade, not far from the Vracar neighborhood where the school is located.

“She called her mother. But her mother didn’t have her phone on her.”

The mother of one of the students said her daughter is “still in shock” following the deadly attack, according to N1. 

“My child is still in shock, full of adrenaline, we haven’t been able to calm her down,” she told N1.


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