Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting news

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Trey Smith stands on the sidelines prior to a Kansas City Chiefs game in October 2023. Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Trey Smith took cover like so many other bystanders when gunfire erupted after a Super Bowl celebration Wednesday, leaving one dead and more than 20 injured, but he helped calm frightened people trying to escape the danger, including children.

Smith told ABC that a security guard ushered them away when the shooting started, and he realized, “‘OK, this is not a joke. It’s the life-and-death-type situation.'”

Smith said he found shelter in a closet and guided others to safety.

“Right before I run in there, there’s like a little kid in front of me, so I just grabbed him — just yanked him — (and) was telling him, ‘You’re hopping in here with me, buddy,’ so I don’t know how many people that were in the closet. Maybe 20-plus?”

Smith said Kansas City Chiefs long snapper James Winchester was also “very instrumental in helping keep people calm.”

After authorities cleared them to leave the closet, they walked to the team buses, which quickly filled with the frightened bystanders.

Smith, who had been carrying a World Wrestling Entertainment championship belt as a prop through the Super Bowl parade, noticed a small boy who he said was panicked.

“I just handed him the belt,” Smith said, telling the boy, “‘Hey, buddy, you’re the champion. No one’s gonna hurt you. No one’s gonna hurt you, man. We got your back.'” 

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