Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, ICC seeks warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas leaders

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At least 12 Palestinians were killed Monday in an Israeli military bombardment of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, according to local health officials.

The strikes also wounded 10 people, a spokesperson at Kamal Adwan Hospital told CNN. Residents and rescue workers say about 10 other people were trapped under the rubble of buildings that were flattened in the attack.

CNN video of the aftermath shows the concrete skeleton of destroyed buildings, with entire walls ripped through on several floors. Stone slabs and metal rods spill from the roof of the building as Palestinian men, women and children crowd near the site. Some hold their heads in their hands, while others search the debris for survivors. 

Ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) could be seen slowly moving along demolished roads, in footage filmed for CNN. Rescue workers and citizens dug through smashed pieces of broken concrete. In one scene, emergency crews resorted to using a rope to pull up the body of a woman wrapped in a blanket. 

Israel’s war in Gaza since the Hamas-led October 7 attacks has drained critical supplies and destroyed main highways.

Fares Afana, the ambulance and emergency director for northern Gaza told CNN that emergency operations are “very difficult due to dwindling equipment.” 

One man who spoke to CNN from the scene said there were children trapped under the destroyed home of the Kahlout family. 

“Most of the people under the rubble are women and children. They were displaced,” the man said. “There is nowhere safe here,” he added.  

In recent days, the Israeli military has intensified attacks on several locations, saying its soldiers “eliminated more than 200 terrorists, destroyed terrorist infrastructure, and destroyed underground tunnels both from the ground and from the air” in northern Gaza.  


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