Emilia Clarke says she almost ran Samuel L. Jackson over on the ‘Secret Invasion’ set

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Emilia Clarke was thrilled to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a near accident involving Samuel L. Jackson almost sent her reeling.

“I nearly ran him over,” the “Game of Thrones” star revealed to Yahoo Entertainment in a video interview published on Friday, in reference to a mishap on the set of the new MCU series “Secret Invasion.”

Clarke described how she was instructed to drive a Lada – which she explained “is like a very old Russian car” – for a scene in the sci-fi thriller show, in which she was supposed to drive right up to the camera, and Jackson, and stop short.

The transmission and the shifter were confusing, though, as the Lada had something like six knobs and 10 pedals, akin to “a tractor,” Clarke explained.

Production was running behind, however, and there was pressure to get the shot, so Clarke went for it.

“I pressed the wrong thing, I pressed the accelerator rather than the brake,” she said.

The actor was able to correct her error in the nick of time though, thereby avoiding certain disaster and a collision with Jackson – a.k.a. Nick Fury.

As for how Jackson handled the moment, Clarke said, “He was very gentlemanly and lovely and nice.”

But, Clarke continued to say, “Then I cried a little bit and someone else drove it for me.”

“Secret Invasion,” also starring Cobie Smulders, Ben Mendelsohn and Oscar winner Olivia Colman, follows a covert infiltration of alien race Skrulls – first introduced in 2019’s “Captain Marvel” – on planet Earth.

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