3 Most Expensive Pizzas in the World, Some are Sprinkled with Gold to Diamonds!

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Pizza is a food that has a luxurious image. Fast food which is very popular, especially in the European region, has a variety of variants with unique flavors. In general, a pan of pizza is sold at prices ranging from Rp. 80,000 to Rp. 200,000, depending on the type and topping chosen. However, in several countries, there are many brands of pizza that are sold at quite fantastic prices. Pizzas are offered per pan in small, medium and large sizes. Recently, many pizzas have been offered per slice. The following is according to https://mexpensive.com/ the most expensive pizza in the world that you can enjoy.

Pizza can be good for your health if you don’t eat too much of it. Some of them are one cut of pizza containing 12 grams of protein which obviously can be useful for your wellbeing.

Protein is a substance that your body needs to support your immune system, make various enzymes and hormones, and get energy. In addition, pizza contains a variety of vegetables, including spinach, carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms.

However, for certain individuals, they have their own inclinations in eating pizza. For instance, some wealthy individuals may purchase a pizza that is on the list of the world’s most expensive pizzas because they no longer consider the money in their accounts.

1. If you think Kobe Beef Steak Pizza is the restaurant of Kobe Bryant, you are very wrong, because Kobe is a famous part of Japan known for making the best beef. Therefore, it stands to reason that the pizza they produce is among the world’s most expensive and costs a lot. The price of a Kobe Beef Steak Pizza starts at just $66. Strangely, you can still add truffles, lobster, caviar, and exclusive cheese as toppings. This is one of the recommendations found on the https://mexpensive.com/ 

2. The Magical Gold The Magical Gold is the next pizza on the list of the world’s most expensive pizzas in our current discussion. A restaurant in Toronto, Canada, makes this gluten-free, vegan pizza that is wrapped in 24-carat gold leaf. This pizza costs just $108 to buy.

3. Triple Millie-Feuille Pizza: If you like cheese, this is your favorite pizza. Since this pizza comprises of 3 layers of mixture in which there is the best quality cheddar that makes Triple Millie-Feuille Pizza.

Because Domios Pizza sells this pizza, which is already available in almost every country in the world, it has become one of the Japanese people’s favorite foods. You can get a Triple Millie-Feuille Pizza for $140. You can get almost all of these pizzas if you have enough money. Of all the most expensive pizza in the world that we have described above, which type of pizza have you tried and is your favourite?

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